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The 11th Percent – The Acid Test has a look

The 11th Percent. A series that you didn’t know you didn’t know…. but you should.

So I’m sat here… writing this… and I’m knackered. You see I have something in common with the writer the world will one day call ‘Bestseller T.H. Morris’ but is better known to me by his secret name….Terrick… [Note to self: Not so secret any more]. We love a bit of fitness training. Ok, so we both write horror of one denomination or another too, but the fitness is what matters. A healthy body and a healthy mind go well together see…and it is a necessary evil in The 11th Percent.

THM with his series ‘The 11th Percent’ examines what it means to have a very healthy mind. 11th Percenters have access to extra areas of the mind, allowing them to see things the normal person can not see, do things the normal person can not do…

Lucy - the ultimate 11th percenter.

Lucy – the ultimate 11th percenter.

11th Percenters got skillz….

As our hero, the very unassuming Jonah Rowe, realizes that he is smarter than the average bear, he begins to see a world outside the world of muggles. At first it is all very confusing. He gets into conversations with a myriad of interesting… shall we put it this way… ‘individuals’ and very quickly finds that life as he knew it will never be the same again. It is a classic ‘man goes on a journey’ story, except this time the journey is not necessarily a physical one, but a journey within himself. What is he? Why is he? What can he do with the he that is he?

Well fortunately for us all, Jonah is not alone. He embarks on his quest with a collection of little friends. Bulbasaur… Charmander… Squirtle… Oh! Hang on…. this ISNT the Pokemon Go! addiction group meeting. Jonah Rowe finds that he isn’t alone. Every man has friends. Friends with skills. As it turns out, Jonah’s new friends are VERY skilled.

I got skillz... they're multiplying. And they're losing control.

I got skillz… they’re multiplying. And they’re losing control.

What can they do? Well each 11th percenter is affiliated with a particular aspect of the mind, or ‘aura’, demonstrated by a particular colour. The extra percent goes a long, long way for these individuals. There are a lot of colours, meaning there are a lot of skills on show. And it’s not only the heroes of the story that have access to powers.

The Bad Guy

The enemy you didn't know you knew you didn't know you knew

The enemy you didn’t know you knew you didn’t know you knew

Not only is the antagonist in the 11th percent pretty nefarious, he has minions, and they all have powers too. In any good vs evil story it helps to have varying levels of forces on both sides. I am purposefully NOT giving any detailed information away about this series because I honestly believe that you need to read this for yourself. It is a great lesson in watching not only a series evolve but also the talents of the writer behind them too.

The first couple of books finish in what I have jokingly referred to in reviews as the ‘Scooby Doo ending’, which is not in itself a bad thing, but the latter two books exhibit a much more complicated plot and honestly leave you wanting more. Inimicus (book 4) in particular had me gripped, and leaves me awaiting the rest of the series.

The Spread That Includes Inimicus

Now I’ll be honest here. There was a time not so long ago, where this series would have failed the Acid Test. There was editing that needed addressing and the version of one of the tales that was out was doing the author no credit at all. Fortunately, T.H.Morris is very sincere in his work and willing to listen to advice, and as such the issues were addressed. Never be afraid what you have written. If you do not, even if you write an absolute barnstormer of a book, people might never read it if they don’t like what came before… There is no book that cannot be improved. Ever.

The books

As such, I give you the internet blurb and links for the four books from The 11th Percent as they currently stand. This  series passes The Acid Test. What is yet to come could be amazing…

The 11th Percent

The eleventh Percent ebook 2500 (1)

Jonah Rowe has an uneventful life. He is always bored, can’t see the point of anything, and just wishes that something in his life would turn out right. He gets his wish in rude fashion; his uneventful life takes a turn for the weird when he discovers that he is an Eleventh Percenter, an ethereal human who can influence and interact with the spirit world. As he discovers more about his true nature, he makes new friends, learns new truths, and juggles his “normal” life with his new life in fellowship with spiritual beings.  His survival depends on his successful handling of all three.

You can get it Here

Item and Time

Front Cover-Item & Time

Jonah Rowe’s life is going great. His accounting days are behind him, he has a job in a bookstore that he looks forward to each day, and he has more allies than he can count amongst his fellow Eleventh Percenters.

But when a mysterious woman suddenly invades Jonah’s dreams, warning him of danger of a chronological nature, a game of cat-and-mouse ensues that will intertwine their fates.

Who is this mystery woman, and why does she believe that both she and Jonah are in danger?

Will Jonah find all the answers?

Will he be able to protect this woman and himself?

Most importantly, will he be able to do this before time runs out?

The second installment of The 11th Percent Series brings back familiar faces, while also introducing new ones.

A race against time ensues, spirits abound, and enemies appear in the unlikeliest of places as this new breed of ghost story continues!

You can get it here


Front Cover-Lifeblood

Jonah thought he had The 11th Percent figured out.

There was more to life than he’d thought, spirits were real, and he had access to ethereal powers. He got that.

But he hadn’t expected this. This was one threat too many. One revelation too many.

He wasn’t prepared for ethereal creatures who threatened the body and the mind.

Jonah is the only thing in the way of the town of Rome being bathed in lifeblood. And the worst part of it is that his survival hinges on his confronting the one thing he never thought he’d have to.

His past.

The new breed of ghost story continues in this multilayered book that introduces new allies, unearths old secrets, and presents fresh threats!

You can get it here


Front Cover-Inimicus

“Scius is the obvious enemy. Inimicus is the enemy that you don’t know you don’t know. The one you’d never see coming in a million lifetimes.”

That was what Jonah was told.

And now, he knows Inimicus is in the game. His unseen enemy is prowling through the shadows, making moves that no one can predict or prevent, and armed with a weapon more dangerous than any ethereal blade or staff: anonymity.

Jonah thought he had ventured into uncharted waters before, but the past was nothing compared to this. In the past, the enemies were known. Now, no amount of power can help you fight an enemy that you “don’t know you don’t know.”

In this latest installment in The 11th Percent Series, loyalties will be tested. People will lose sight of what’s truly important. The line between friend and enemy will get blurred. And the question everyone’s mind is also the same one that holds the difference between victory and downfall: Who can you trust?

You can get it here


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