Author Matthew W Harrill

Award given to The Eyes Have No Soul

I’m very humbled to announce that The Eyes Have No Soul has picked up an award!

The novel has been awarded the position of finalist in the Fiction: Horror category of the 2018 International Book Awards, sponsored by American Book Fest.

The Eyes Have No Soul was placed alongside winner, Knuckle Balled by Drew Stepek (Blood Bound Books), Antitheus by G.A. Minton (World Castle Publishing), Eve of Redemption by Tom Mohan (BHC Press), Stage 3 by Ken Stark (Severed Press), and The Last Odinian by Alec Arbogast (Ink Smith Publishing).

For a novel that started off as a series of writing assignments for my mentor David Farland, a story inspired by my son Scott’s diagnosis with type 1 diabetes twelve years ago, it has come a long way. Please feel free to have a look and pick up a copy!


The Eyes Have No Soul

Forensic Analyst Clare Rosser has focused her career on becoming a detective, and solving the mystery of her parents’ murder.

When a series of grisly murders leaves bodies twisted and bereft of fluid in a mummy-like state, one fact becomes apparent: the monster that killed her parents ten years ago has returned.

Fighting the bureaucracy of her own police department, as well as her own prejudices and ailing body, Clare must take matters into her own hands before more suffer the same fate.

The clues are out there. The answers lie within her. But can she find them before it’s too late?

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