Author Matthew W Harrill
The Eyes Have No Soul

The Eyes Have No Soul

Forensic Analyst Clare Rosser has focused her career on becoming a detective and solving the mystery of her parents’ murder. When a series of grisly murders leaves bodies twisted and bereft of fluid in a mummy-like state, one fact becomes apparent: The monster that killed her parents ten years ago is active once more and killing again. Fighting the bureaucracy of her own police department, as well as her own prejudices and ailing body, Clare must take matters into her own hands before more suffer the same fate. The clues are out there. The answers lie within her.

The Eyes Have No Soul is a supernatural whodunit that takes place in and around the town of Holden, Massachusetts. It is a tale that examines how deep one woman has to look for the strength to carry on in the face of a potentially fatal chronic illness. The closer she gets to death, the nearer she gets to the truth. The novel is aimed at readers who enjoy books with a strong element of supernatural activity. Creatures out of South American lore come to life as the politics of a highly-corrupt police department threaten to derail all attempts at finding the truth; someone is protecting the killer.

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