Author Matthew W Harrill


It has been merely months since the events in ‘Hellbounce’, and those months have been amongst the happiest in Eva’s life. Her child has grown, and she has blossomed. Her friends are safe, and she is at peace with the world.

But outside the bubble that encapsulates her world, events have not stood still as she was led to believe. There were those that witnessed the terrifying events, those that saw the woman stood atop the mountain, those who have not stopped asking questions. They are out there, and they are after her, for her sake, or for theirs.

Events catch up with Eva, as isolated as she is, and she is forced to deal once more with the highest authority: The ruling council of Anges de la Réssurection des Chevaliers. ARC. Unyielding. Unwavering. Absolutely dead set on a goal only they truly perceive, they force Eva to consider her future with Madden.

Against her better judgement, and with Madden and Elaine, a close friend from the recent troubles, Eva agrees to undertake one more journey, knowing that at any moment, her child could make an entrance into the world…

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Book Reviews

Hellborne 5.0

This is book two in The Arc Chronicles. We find Eva very pregnant and doing a lot of traveling to find out secrets. There seems to be a lot of secrets agencies involved in Eva's and her babies life. Is she carrying a demon or the savior. check it out and find out.

Note; I received this book for an honest review.

Ruffy - Amazon

Hellborne 5.0

The second book was just as fast passed and exciting as the first. If you enjoy being swept along with a great story and characters then you must give these books a try.

Lucy Kingston - Amazon

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