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Dr Eva Ross, a prison psychologist, works in Worcester, Massachusetts at an aging facility. Her boss, the brilliant and often unorthodox Gideon Homes begins to make decisions that Eva is forced to question. Between the trials at work, and her loveless marriage, Eva is forced out of the life she knows.

She encounters Madden Scott, a drifter with irascible charm and very quickly it becomes apparent all is not what it seems. Her life descends into chaos as everything around her crumbles into a new reality, and the secrets that were barely hidden under the surface all become revealed in a series of chilling incidents.

Join Eva and Madden as they undertake an adventure that takes them through nightmares and across continents as they are thrust without choice into the shadowy world of Anges de la Resurrection des Chevaliers, the last barrier between earth, and what lies beneath.

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Hellbounce 5.0

Loved it! So often with new authors you never really know what you're going to get.... eBook publishing has opened this up so that for a few squids you can start to immerse yourself in new authors and their stories: I would urge you to try immersing yourself in this one. The plot races from one side of the globe to the other at breakneck speed, dragging everything, including the reader, in it's wake. Characters develop as they go, with really bad baddies, angelic goodies and an ensemble cast of potential nere-do-wells somewhere in the middle that keep you trying to get a handle on their motivations right to the end. If you like shaowy pseudo-governmental organisations pulling peoples' strings like puppetmasters, combined with a healthy dose of the arcane and the horrific, this will be the book for you. The style of the writing reminds me of Dean Koontz' early work from the 1980's - eerie, fantastic, macabre and at the same time with enough down-to-earth familiarity that the shocks when they come (and oh boy do they keep coming...) are all the more disturbing for it.

I'm waiting for the second installment. While I pop the kettle on and have a slice of cake, I strongly advise you to read the first.... :-)

Wideboy - Amazon

Hellbounce 5.0

This is not a genre I would generally read, in fact it's a genre I dislike. This put both author and book on the back foot before I even started reading it given my prejudices. I expected not to like it, I had pretty much determined this before I even started reading. However (and as the saying goes), never judge a book by it's cover. I was hooked from the first few pages and I haven't devoured a book this quickly in long time. Characters with depth and realism and a plot that drags you along at breakneck speed. I look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy.

Sean Groom - Amazon

Hellbounce 5.0

In this read we get to meet prison hospital psychologist Eva Ross, as psychologist she has dealt with more than her fare share of sinners and saints.

Well okay I lie no saints just sinners, but I got your attention didn't I? Now back to Eva, from the corrupt, the insane, the downright nuts you name it the list goes on and on, Eva has had the chance to step into their minds and try to unlock the demons.

Then suddenly those around her become those that she cannot trust and instead they start to exhibit the same characteristics she has seen over and over again. The only way out is for her to turn to a stranger , a man whose name she is incapable of even remembering yet, he is her only sanctuary in the hell her life has become.

I have always been a very big fan of the horror world and all the juicy psychological thrills and spills that goes with it, so much so that everyone who knows me will know I can watch the scariest of movies, get up, switch off all the lights and go get into bed, without once checking the closet or taking a peek under the bed!

Likewise when it comes to reading, I never get the I feel like am being watched feeling to the extent where I truly have to look over my shoulder, nor do I jump out of my chair when the phone so much as beeps with a text message, but with this read all of the above happened more than once!

From the start the read was entertaining as all heck! I was on the edge of my seat from the start go and I did not move from the suspense spot until the very end. This author knows how to get your attention, hold it right through till the end and man oh man does this author have talent with a capital T!

The book was as hot and emotional as it was downright spine chilling. More than once I wanted to stick it in the freezer and pretend the hell was frozen but I was simply incapable of doing so, because as I said this author hooks you and hooks you fast and hard, there is no way you can stop reading once you start.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of reading, and heck if you are not a fan of genre this is the book that will draw you in and keep you trapped for a long time, and feeling every single moment of fear, uncertainty, anger, rage and suspense.

The book also has a powerful message of no one is ever exactly as they seem and once the true person is revealed all hell will break loose but it comes down the survival of the fittest , just make sure that 's you!

A truly mystery filled, suspense packed, on the edge of your seat, toe curling , blood curling, screaming my head off read, and an absolute masterpiece of a book. Best of all this only part one, so there is a loads of more kick ass awesomeness to come. All I will say is Matthew Harrill get your ass back to writing as in NOW!

5/5 star review
" Hell on earth doesn't come close to what she's about to go through"

** Copy provided in exchange for a honest review

Desere Steenberg - Amazon

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