Author Matthew W Harrill


A scion of legends. The future of an organisation. Or an outcast and a pariah?

Samantha Scott is at odds with her family. The focus of a cult of hundreds, she seeks solace in the attention she never found from her mother, her small acts of rebellion a frustration for an organisation that has seen peace settle over the earth.

Yet something festers in the world. Undefinable, gnawing at the edge of religion. Why does humanity feel so alone? Why are more and more people turning away from the Church? And what does a mysterious group of terrorists calling themselves ‘Aeon Fall’ have to do with it all?

Join Samantha as she crosses continents, unable to avoid the machinations of Anges de la Resurréction des Chevaliers (ARC), a reluctant pawn yet a key figure as she seeks to find clues to the memory of a man who saved her life, a man who takes her right to the very limit of her skills and understanding.

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