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Karen J Mossman – The Secret

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Genre: Romance/Suspense

Book Description

A secret is a secret for good reason.

Kerry O’Brien has a secret so terrible it burns inside her. All she wants is to be part of a normal family, but with a step father like Bill, that is impossible.

Set in the 1970s when secrets like this were only ever whispered about, Kerry somehow keeps her humour by pretending everything is fine. Then she meets biker Tommy, and he has his own secret; one that impacts on her.

Kerry’s secret becomes harder to keep and the tell-tell signs are harder to hide. Can she keep it together? Can Tommy and Kerry get it together? 

Then the worst happens and Kerry’s secret is a secret no more.

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He laughed and it was infectious. Even grubby, my Tommy looked gorgeous.

“What are you doing?”

“Just tinkering, making sure everything is a good as it can be. I’m finishing up now.”

“Don’t finish on my account,” I said, perching myself on a wall. “I’m happy to sit and watch you.”

“You would, too,” he said with a smile. He wiped his hands on the rag that was hanging out of his pocket. Then he kick started the bike, got off again and leaned over to rev it up. I watched the way his long body stretched over the machine and the way a flick of his wrist produced such a powerful noise.

I went to put the kettle on as Tommy cleaned himself up at the sink. I was now left-handed.

“Would you like some tea?” I asked Iris and Tom who were in the back room chatting.

“Yes, thanks,” she said, speaking for them both as I went back and busied myself.

“What wrong with your arm?” Tommy asked.

“Nothing, why?” I said, feeling self conscious as I reached for another couple of cups.

“You’re holding it funny.”

“I cracked it on the banister last night,” I admitted, refusing to meet his eyes as I opened the fridge for the milk.

“What do you mean, you cracked it on the banister?”

I wasn’t even going to say that, but an element of truth wouldn’t harm – maybe.

“After the adrenaline of last night, I ran up the stairs and stumbled just as I turned to go on the landing. I went to grab the rail and missed.” He just stared at me. “I wasn’t going to tell you because I knew what you’d think.”

“What do I think?”

“That he did it.”

“And did he?”


About the Author

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Karen J Mossman married the boy next door in 1980 and they went on to have 2 children, both of which were born on the same day, 2 years, 2 pounds and 2 hours apart. All of which was when they lived at house number 22.

At present she lives in Manchester in the UK, but hopes to be a resident of Wales in 2016.

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