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Twenty Questions – Ask The Acid Test

I was asked to answer 20 questions by my brother in writing Terrick Heckstall. Here you go! Any more questions, I am always available for interview!


Let’s give those readers a little insight into ourselves and our writing! Let’s Play 20 questions Author edition! Answer the 20 questions below and let your readers into your world!

1.)What is your Author name?

Matthew W Harrill
2.) What is the first book you ever published?

The Focus Stone – Book 1 of The Tome of Law fantasy series that I never finished. Let’s face it, that series was not my voice.

3.) What is your publiversary? (The day you released your first book)

No idea. I released that one sometime in the early 2000’s when publishing was completely different to now.
4.) What is your favorite book you’ve written thus far?

Hellbeast: The ARC Chronicles part 3.
5.) What book took you the longest to write?

Fantasy books aside, all of my books take about the same time to create.
6.) How long did it take you?

A year. 6 months plotting. 6 months writing.
7.) What kind of music (If Any) do you listen to while you write?

In the office, many variations of dark ambience. On the bus, whatever’s playing on my phone.
8.) Who is your favorite character from any of your books?

I love all my creations equally. They all have an important role to play, be it a one line cameo or a thirty chapter headlong rush into madness.
9.) What are you currently working on?.

The first book of my next series ‘The ARC Legacy’, called Thornfalcon.

10.) Do you have anything you snack on while you write?

And get my keyboard dirty? Not likely.
11.) What is your favorite quote or line from one of your books?

‘Demons don’t always hide in the dark…’
12.) Are you a self published or traditional published author?

13.) What is your writing inspiration?

The voices in my head tell me that they will drive me mad if I don’t release them in word format. I live in fear of the voices. Imagine what it’s like when I have several stories going on at the same time…. It can get quite crowded.

14.) What genre do you write?

At the moment adventure horror
15.) Do you have any writing rituals?

Yes. I have to sacrifice a live chicken and sing my national anthem backwards before I sit down to write a single word. Fortunately I work out a lot, so the chicken comes in handy for protein.


16.) Do you have a specific place you write or time?


Lunchtimes in the office and on the bus commuting to and from work.
17.) Do you have any advice for inspiring writers?


Don’t give up, even if what you’re writing is rubbish. It is still practice. Learn. Do courses, read books, sign up to writing newsletters. If someone offers you constructive criticism on your work and it makes sense, apply it straight away and not just into future works. If you leave it for the future, people reading your work might never make it to the improved story after they read the poor first effort. And when sacrificing chickens, make sure to wear plastic sheeting.
18.) What are your writing goals? If any?


Traditional publishing again. But not small publishers.
19.) What authors inspire you and your writing?


I don’t seek to be like anybody else. There will be comparisons. There always are. I don’t mind that as it can be quite flattering, but I never set out to be ‘the next Koontz’ or something like that. As such, any inspiration would have come from people like my mentor David Farland pointing me in the right direction around writing, not telling me to write like a specific person or in a specific style.
20.) What will be your next release? If you know and when?


My next work ready for release will be a supernatural whodunit called ‘The Eyes Have No Soul’ which could be broadly described as ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ meets ‘Relic’.


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